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About Atlas Jones & Co. & Claudia

Atlas Jones & Co. is the company I set up to publish my books.

I started making kids books after becoming a parent and the first book, The Very Hungry Bum, was the idea of my partner. He might have suggested it after hearing me complain about the poor quality of my underpants elastic one too many times. But I thought it was a great idea so I embarked on the production of this first book a bit like Mr. Magoo taking a Sunday stroll and ending up at Everest base-camp – blissfully ignorant.
Maybe I should have thought these bum books through a bit more. When I go into my local bookshop, they call out “the lady with the very hungry bum is here!”

Prior to parenthood, I worked as an independent documentary-maker and freelance TV editor. Most of my proposals never got funded but I did get to make a few things for the ABC, SBS and for Warlpiri Media (now PAW Media) in Yuendumu, Northern Territory. These included the first series of race around the world (ABC), Halal Mate (SBS), Arrkantele (Warlpiri Media) and Mangarri Panu (Warlpiri Media).

I loved living and working in Aboriginal communities. There are so many great places, strong people and amazing stories that you don’t really know about until you’re there, in the midst of them.

Thanks for visiting the website. I’ll be rabbiting on more at the blog here.

Download an electronic press kit here and download my bio here.