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Elizabeth Geddes and Gavin Krasner are Chops for Tea. One of us writes, the other designs. Well actually both of us design. Gavin does some writing too though the jury’s out on whether his penchant for a typo is ironic or not. More important than the demarcation of the roles though — both of us imagine, strategise, create and make things happen through graphic design, copywriting, brand jiggery-pokery, smoke and mirrors, ye olde two card mime trick and simply messing about — though not in boats. No boats. Ever. - See more at:
For any potential big blue-chip clients reading this our official line is "Books about the derriere are abborrent and absolutely below the belt. We can assure you we haven't bought more than six, maybe seven copies each of the Claudia Rowe / Atlas Jones titles. They make very good presents and we know first hand that kids love them ... Wait where's the 'official — really dry and humourless boring blah sonambulant' statement? What do you mean we couldn't be bothered. We don't want those sort of clients anyway. True. Life's too short. — Work with us. Enjoy life.
There's nothing better than sitting in a butterfly chair (aka BKF or Hardoy chair when reading a book about bums. Well maybe you'd find it better laying on a picnic blanket on a hillside, in the sunshine with some strawberries, Pimms, and a loved one by your side. Or maybe slunk low on a deep, squishy sofa with a mohair blankie knitted by your mum alongsde a roaring open fire. Wait, scrap the blankie — you'd overheat. Instead, drape it casually, but in an on purpose way over the back of the sofa like you're on the cover of a magazine. A couple of Weimareiners at your feet and a butler in the background might complete this tableaux. But if you were interested in a world famous chair designed in 1938 by some clever architects in Argentina we can help you out. Our replica is made entirely in Castlemaine. sells frames and covers and can even make replacement covers for your existing butterfly chair frame.
Watch our film about how we made it entirely in Castlemaine
Local makers who design, hand-make, and offer, useful things including furniture & home-wares. Based  in Castlemaine since 2004, we are about simple well-made things. Good design, craftsmanship, local production, renewable or recycled materials, and durability are important to us.