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Bum Magic
by Claudia Rowe

Like two famous possums, Grandpa Bum and little Flush live in the Australian bush. Grandpa Bum dabbles in bush magic and has made Flush invisible. But when he can’t find the spell to make Flush seen again, they set off to find a magical cure in some unlikely underpants.
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The Hungry Bum Yoga Book
by Claudia Rowe

The Hungry Bum takes us through some basic yoga moves (though yoga on the beach isn’t all it’s cracked up to be).

“Oh dear” - Publisher
“Painful” - Passer-by
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The Very Hungry Bum
by Claudia Rowe

Like a very famous caterpillar, the very hungry bum consumes quite a lot.

Over the course of a week it devours several pairs of underpants and other unsuspecting objects which were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Then, after a gluttonous week and a particularly indulgent camping trip, it undergoes an incredible transformation.
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Childrens Books

Where The Wild Bums Are

by Claudia Rowe

Like a very famous Wild Thing, Beatrice makes some mischief at home. She is sent to her room where a cheekier,freakier world comes to life.

“Has it really come to this?” - Publisher
“I’m afraid so.” - Passer-by
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